Jernej Šipoš, Marko Studen, Boris Matić © Bor Dobrin
Jernej Šipoš, Marko Studen, Boris Matić © Bor Dobrin
Wednesday, 13. 10. 2021

Scapelab's architects

In conversation with Miloš Kosec

For Ljubljana, Cukrarna has always been a suspicious building. Due to its outstanding size, it became a dumping ground for everyone and everything which did not fit into the smaller surrounding scale.

In September of this year, Cukrarna became the largest and most intriguing open architectural question of the city. Is the recently opened building renovated or has it been built anew? Is it new or old? Full or empty? Will it function as a covered square or an internationally acclaimed gallery? Will it become a magnet for foreign visitors or a platform for local creators? Is Cukrarna the last large cultural project of the 20th Century or the first public space for the future world?

The event will be held in Slovenian.